Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Chris Trotter has gone all biblical over Otautahi, reflecting on untamed lions and Moses. I haven't the heart to lay into the absurdities in his comments section, so here goes here:

The Bible, like CS Lewis, is fiction. Sure, bits of the OTT might have been based on historical fact, but that book has had more editors than the Sunday Star Times and has lost whatever historical accuracy along the way.

Christ Trotter usefully wheels out Charlton Heston as Moses parting the seas, as if Hollywood was the best place to receive religious training.

Scientists have since thoughtfully pointed out that the miracle of the parted seas could quite easily occur with the right freakish winds:

Moses might have been a meteorologist or just had a supportive editor. I mean how much scrolling would it have taken to change "And lo! A rare warm easterly with countervailing winds over those shallows might make it easy to cross safely" to "And lo! God has given us an exit strategy!"

As for inheriting things from the Bible; my mate inherited a gun but I don't expect him to live his life by it.

I get ideas from burning bushes every day, but you don't see me making a big fuss about it and declaring myself a conduit of god.

And finally, what will future children think of  Narnia when lions are extinct as dodos?