Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WCC sobers up

Champagne breakfasts in the Otari Wilton bush reserve and other bouts of romantic alcoholism are no longer under threat after the Wellington City Council voted against a city-wide alcohol ban. Prior to the meeting, the Council was divided 14 - 1 in favour of the prohibition, with only Green Councillor Iona Pannett against the motion. After a public backlash in an election year, the Council changed its mind and voted 11 - 4 against the motion.

I'd love to know who changed their minds. Big kudos go to Iona Pannett for providing the fulcrum to leverage the Council. I-O-NA! I-O-NA!

Of course, boozy reveries outside the confines of licensed premises in the CBD is still verboten. You still must be of a certain wealth to get pissed in the city.

UPDATE: NatRad reports that the vote included an extension to the CBD prohibition. It seems Newtown and Mount Cook has been included in the ban, just not a citywide thing. Khandallah, Kelburn and Karori can rest easy. It's just the South Wellington plebs who get the cosh.