Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Police introducing random pedo searches

Specially trained paedophile detector dogs are being introduced by police.
The move comes after the National government pushed their Safety Through Fear Omnibus Bill last night under urgency. Police Association spokesperson Greg O'Connor was supportive of the new measure. "People with nothing to hide have nothing to fear," he said.

Police minister Judith Collins was unavailable for comment, but spokesperson Eva Brown said "The new taskforce will conduct random searches in churches, malls, schools and other places of suspected paedophilia in a bid to stamp out this tsunami of danger."

Civil liberties people aren't so sure. Human Rights campaigner Joy Spazz pointed to overseas countries, where the dog detection units have been abused. "Police have been known to plant dog biscuits on people they don't like. There's never any food traces left for evidence, and it's just the police dog's word against the suspect's. Who are the judges going to believe? These dogs are supposedly above reproach."