Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I can smell the uranium on your seamen

3 News has tripped over the fact that NZ acts as a transit port for yellowcake uranium. I learned about it over a month ago from NatRad. Seeing as yellowcake has been passing through NZ ports for 20 to 30 years, it is not news for several National and Labour administrations either.

Predictably, Labour are jumping to all the wrong conclusions. Here's Phil Twyford:
"This is nuclear-free New Zealand," says Phil Twyford. "Why have we only just heard about this? I think New Zealanders are going to have real questions to ask."

It speaks volumes of the vacuum of institutional knowledge left in the Labour caucus. You'd expect with that many teacher know-it-alls in there, they'd have a little history under their collective belts. Or maybe a bit of chemistry. Yellowcake is about as WMD as sawdust.

Foreign Affairs was never David Lange's strong suit. He mucked up the USS Buchanan visit, but he really buggered it on the nuclear-free stance. And we're still paying for it. It should never been nuclear power as well as weapons. The left wing could have lived with that back then.

NZ is not nuclear-free. Matter of fact, radiation is encouraged in every home by the Fire Service. There's a little bit of rad in every bleeping smoke detector. Cancer patients would be really pissed off if they had to fly offshore to get their radiotherapy like a pre-1970s abortion seeker.

Auckland can't suck off the Southern Alps' tits for juice too much longer. Some way or other, it'll have to start building its own regional power supply, and I don't mean the old Huntly coal whore either. Frankly, I'm keen on one of these little buggers:

Pull it back to the centre, people.