Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Somebody Else's Body

There's law and order porn for Africa in today's MSM. An Upper Hutt man becomes the first offender getting a first strike after an unsolicited attempt at stealing second base. Not a few kay's away in Stokes Valley, a noise complaint ends up with a kitchen sink response complete with AOS squad.

NatRad was told by a police OIA request that 66 police officers have been charged for criminal offences between 2007 and 2009:

Among the charges were rape, excess breath alcohol and various dishonesty and violence offences. Two police were sacked and 20 either resigned or retired as a result of the charges. Of the 125 officers to face serious internal disciplinary proceedings during the same time-frame, one was dismissed and 68 either retired or resigned. The police says it is unable to say how many officers still received their retirement benefits. Police Headquarters says a number of cases are still before the courts.

Not exactly information that Police Mouth Greg O'Connor was shouting from the rooftops. How long before a cop gets a first strike? Quite long, I reckon. They might get sacked or get kicked off the force, but a wife-bashing cop or similar will almost certainly never get struck with this capricious nonsense.

I'm not holding my breath on any cops getting kicked out of home with the new domestic violence safety orders either. It's good idea in theory, and Women's Refuge has my qualified support for the idea. Heather Henare summed it up nicely on NatRad this morning.

Sure, you might kick the bloke out for five days, but where does he doss? Will it escalate a domestic argument into a crime of passion or the reverse? Laws are one thing, consequences another. We'll soon find out either way.