Thursday, June 03, 2010

Christchurch causes depression says latest research

The latest findings from a Christchurch research group have concluded that living in Christchurch causes depression. "Once the long term data has been statistically corrected for socio-economic and other factors, there is a very strong link," said Professor Fergus Davidson of the Christchurch Latitudinal Survey.

The report notes that people, even without any family history of mental illness, were at a significant risk of depression within only 12 months of moving to the city. Professor Davidson says that the surprising result merits further investigation.

"What causes this insanity? Is it the North Wester, the isolated and largely homogeneous surroundings? The mayoral candidates in this year's local body elections? These are important matters," said Davidson.

Acting Head of Tourism Christchurch, Arnold Placebo, dismissed the claims. "Christchurch is a rich and vibrant city. Invercargill is much more depressing than Christchurch."