Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Cougar of Canberra

Australian political scientists are petitioning for the introduction of new unit of time; the Rudd. It has an uncertain half life, but almost never lasts as long as you think it will. Outgoing Oz Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd has owned the shortest Australian PM league table in about 6 different categories by now.

David Farrar must be in blogger paradise right now. It would like being in Rome when Caesar got stabbed. Or as David Slack noted: Would you look at that. Eight boomerangs in him.

Meantime, I've been getting a crash course in who the fuck this Julia Gillard was. This helped immensely on the appearances front. A bit Bob Hawke, I reckon. Stuff covers her CV nicely.

Congratulations, Australia. Your main female role model politician is no longer Pauline Hanson. You might become civilised yet.