Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cops and Nannies

Paul Easton at the DomPost has a closer look at last night's WCC vote on extending the liquor ban. Mayor Kerry Prendergast and the police ended up losing the argument.
Wellington police had backed [the ban] as being easier for the public to grasp. 
It nicely sums up the police's contempt of the citizens. Good on Ian McKinnon pointing out the draconian breath testing of rugby match observers in Christchurch as a new low point in civic trust. It is a great example demonstrating how keen the police are to intervene in the most mundane of community interests given half an opportunity.

For: Stephanie Cook, Jo Coughlan, Rob Goulden, John Morrison, Mayor Kerry Prendergast, Helene Ritchie.
Against: Ray Ahipene-Mercer, Ngaire Best, Andy Foster, Leonie Gill, Ian McKinnon, Iona Pannett, Bryan Pepperell, Celia Wade- Brown, Hayley Wain.

It's a very telling vote split, which will strongly influence my local body vote later in the year. It will also be interesting to see how many cops line up for the local councils as well, seeing how National has rammed through under urgency a new law permitting serving police officers to stand for election.