Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Shining City

Two facts are immutable in human behaviour; money corrupts and power corrupts. Balzac nailed it when he wrote "behind each great personal fortune lies a crime."

Polite society passes over their kin's amorality in favour of lordly titles or other absurdly over-priced pissing competitions between suitable peers, while the rule of law is purely for show trials with proles.

Take, for example, Matt Taibbi's latest scathing piece of financial journalism in Rolling Stone. Too Big to Jail expands on his already caustic look late last year at HSBC, and ties it into the LIBOR scam. All told, some hundreds of trillions of US dollars has been skimmed by bankers, and no-one has to do an hour of jail to pay for it.

It all makes our royal toady John Key look bent on a nano scale. The deputy Auditor General has found no evidence of foul play in the Sky City Conference Wining & Dining dodgy tender.

John Key sez "Vindicated!", bringing the Obama Doctrine Dictionary into play by bending words into opposites. i.e. imminent meaning in the fullness of time. Or as Dexter, the fun-lovin' homicidal TV character might say, there's no crime without evidence.

The White Elephant has the Green Light. The Black Box wins again.