Thursday, February 07, 2013

Quid pro quo

John Key would really actually prefer a four-year term of government, not the three year cycle NZ has. Opposition Leader David Shearer agrees with the prime minister.

Fortunately, only a moron would try to pass such a law with a two thirds 75% majority in Parliament, as is required under the Constitution Act 1986. The people must choose, not the pollies.

A four year term might improve the quality of lawmaking, but the public has never agreed. Referendums on a four year term have tried and failed. And, what with the MMP Review looking to be watered down into nothing, the public is right to be suspicious of Parliament's motives. Don't mention the OIA Review either.

A three year term will remain as long as the public think politicians are a bunch of low-life, self-serving grifters with no nose for the public good. So, probably no four year terms for NZ for a while then.