Thursday, February 14, 2013

NZ First's Next Prosser-cution

It is no surprise Winston Peters is reluctant to let Richard Prosser quit Parliament. Horan's already making a mockery of whatever passes for NZ First's List selection process. To lose one MP is unfortunate. To lose two would be careless.

The wily werewolf must be incandescent with rage at his fat-headed sidekick. Every word that Prosser utters is one soundbite Peters isn't using to attack the government, indelibly inking his schtick as NZ's populist conservative.

To think it all started out over a pocket-knife confiscation that wasn't. I have been in similar circumstances with airport security theatre. Like Prosser, I also have vented on the matter. Unlike Prosser, it never once crossed my mind to impugn an entire religion because of it.

Come to think of it, replaying it in my head, so to speak, I wouldn't be surprised if this was Prosser here:
The Auckland Airport security lady, who went into great swathes of busyness checking the specific blade length on my standard issue Swiss MacGuyver knife, was almost enough to set me off into official complaint mode. "I've got into Parliament with that," I said to ignorant response. She needed to consult a bigger ruler, she said. So much for one size fits all, eh.

Some poor bastard and his missus were having similar but different problems with security. They were about as out-of-type for terrorists, domestic or foreign, as Tama Umaga batting for the Black Caps. Still, some trivial slight had to be enquired upon them. Your tax dollars at work.

If it was him, I'm glad I could assist in Prosser's political comeuppance. The really interesting question is which NZ First MP will be the next to go off the reservation. My money's on Andrew Williams or Denis O'Rourke.