Sunday, April 01, 2012

Just a Gigolo

Mediawatch is fascinating listening this morning, as they dissect the Sky Contra Prostitution Ring and other sleb pimping. The link should be up in an hour or two (time is all screwy today anyway).

This is important stuff. The biggest crime in this country isn't drugs, violence or sex crimes. The greatest crime is the abuse of trust by shysters, scammers, snake oil sales people and con artists on a largely naive and gullible population.

It's the common MO of the recent Auckland ATM scam, the finance companies propped up by comedians, former news readers and rugbyheads (Et tu, Great Uncle Colin?), the mobile loan sharks, Nigerian spammers, zombie computers riddled with virii and backdoors. And so on.

Which is all part of the bigger problem; we all have to bring home the bacon. Even the vegetarians. We all have to feed the monkey. But surely there's a better way to make a living than screwing with your audience's better natures and not being honest with your patter.