Monday, April 16, 2012

The ACC plot sickens

Last month's gloat over the ACC mess has gotten a lot more personal. ACC has written to Mum explaining that she is among the 6000 leaked claimants that Bronwyn Pullar sent to the media.

Mum is distraught that her private medical information and case notes have been looked at by Dagg knows who. The Privacy Commission has been in contact and she has lodged a formal complaint with Marie Schroff's office.

When the Law Society rang Mum, they were very interested in Mum's ACC correspondence as well. It seems Bronwyn Pullar isn't the only person to receive other people's personal medical information from ACC. They had sent Mum other claimants' personal information amongst her own as well. It seems that a) ACC has a huge systemic issue with privacy, and b) even injured police officers have difficulty getting any fair go from ACC.

This ACC thing could easily change from a clusterfuck to a full-blown shit supernova.