Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Doctor I Like Your Medicine

The Completely Independent and Not At All Conflicted Police Conduct Authority has released its report into the death by cop of bystander Halatau Naitoko. It's recommendations? More rules. The closest the report gets to MORE TRAINING is:
6. review the efficacy of the AOS weapons training
The Police have responded to the resounding slap of the wet bus ticket, noting:
"We are deeply and sincerely regretful for the role we played in Mr Naitoko's death," said Assistant Commissioner Allan Boreham. "The officers involved, and wider police staff, remain deeply affected by his death. It is something no police officer ever wants to happen."
See? Fonzie Syndrome. They add:
The IPCA found it was satisfied that the officers involved properly took immediate action in the face of the threat presented by McDonald. It said their actions in confronting him were commendable.
  Medals all round then.