Friday, March 30, 2012

White Females Can Blackmail

It is difficult to contain my glee at the ongoing ACC clusterfuck engulfing the National government. It is verily a Schadenfreude smorgasbord, a conservative shit glacier slowly crushing everything beneath it.

This is the reason why politics is an infinitely preferable bloodsport compared to rugby. For one thing, the tactics are infinitely more audacious than anything you'll see performed on a grass paddock. Witness two heavyweights slug it out to the death with all sorts of arcane tools at their disposal. The prize? Leadership of the National party.

National's lacklustre result in last year's election sealed John Key's fate. He has past his best before date and, in the absence of Simon Power, Stephen Joyce and Judith Collins are slugging it out to the (political) death to be the next top dog. Nick Smith and even Michelle "Bury Me in a Y-shaped Coffin" Boag are merely collateral damage.

It's a plague on all their houses as far as I'm concerned. Boag has been sucking on the public tit one way or another since she was a mere press and research officer for the Muldoon government. I'm pretty sure that Judith Collins was behind the ramping up of the War on Drugs and Effective Cold and Flu Remedies under Key, so bugger her. And I'm pretty sure that Stephen Joyce cares more for invoices than people, so bugger him too.

Then there's Mum. She's been battling ACC for over ten years over a botched operation that left her with spinal column injuries. She's fought ACC by herself through the High Court, the Health & Disability Commissioner, some of the doctor associations and Dagg knows who else. Long story short, she's been given the runaround as bureaucracies dodging accountability are wont to do. I really should do something about putting her in contact with my old Law lecturer and ACC-busting champion John Miller.

Here's hoping everyone gets their just desserts.