Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Vigilantes

Undeterred by the recent homicide of hoodie-wearing Trayvon Martin by an idiot with a gun and a badge, NZ Police have set up their first Junior Nark Squad:
"Children are being trained to be the eyes and ears of their Porirua neighbourhoods and encouraged to "nark'' on any suspicious behaviour. The city's first Junior Neighbourhood Support programme has seen the senior syndicate at Holy Family School in Cannons Creek taught how to make their streets safer."
 Because, as all of us know, children cannot ever be wrong or lie. Better safe than sorry, eh. And kids never get bullied for telling on people. The police are really running their budget cuts on someone else's neck with youth rates for volunteer grassing.

Speaking of the vulnerabilities of pride, what do the NZ Police and the Fonz from Happy Days have in common?