Sunday, July 02, 2006

Misuse of Misuse of Drugs Act

It hasn't taken long for the knee-jerk idiocy of the Misuse of Drugs Amendment (No 3) to start pissing off the twinset and pearls brigade. Winter is imminent and a slow parade of depressions mope across the islands. The sniffles have started, leaky nose syndrome. Down the chemists, the wrinklies are lining up for their favourite brands only to get ID'd, as Rosemary McLeod found out.

There will be many harmless old biddies around the country, frightened by everything from driving instructors to rap music, who will simply stop buying their Coldrex or Codral. Some will die or, if they're really lucky, end up on a hospital waiting list. Nice going, narrow-minded prohibitionist morons. I've half a mind to go live in Mexico, where small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, peyote and LSD are no longer a criminal offence.

(Originally posted 30/4/06)