Sunday, July 02, 2006

Key to the cookie jar

Thank you Rod Donald for lobbying so hard for MPs to disclose their pecuniary interests. The results are truly interesting. It's just a pity the full story is hidden under another onion skin of family trusts. Here's a top 5 of hypocritical bullshitters.

5. Taito Field for numerous housing projects which excludes the Apia shack-up (Tip DPF).

4. Chairman Jim, for having shares in a foreign-owned bank. Splitting hairs on bankers' shares does not wear.

3. Alleged Muslim MP Ashraf Choudary's stake in Sin City Sky City

2. The Honourable David Carter is a shareholder of CanWest (them of the liberal TV3 channel), 42 Below (homegrown vodka), Sky City (gambling), and meat & wool products. This guy actively supports hedonism, even though his voting record says it's monkey say not monkey do.

1. John Key's mortgage on the Wellington apartment. How much debt is owing on this property and how does that compare with the $16,000 of taxpayer money heading his way? I bet you Mr Key got out his little calculator and worked it out to the nearest cent. The biggest rort since Hobbs and Bunkle, and at least they weren't as loaded as he is.

(Originally posted 9/4/06)