Sunday, July 02, 2006

Being There

I hope tomorrow's dailies shed more light on the context of Teresa Gattung's comments at 'a conference'. Bonus points to Russell Brown for bringing such incendiary evidence to light with the requisite caveats. It begs many questions which the audio submitter or, more importantly, Telecom's CEO must address. I wonder how long it will be before the corporates, like movie theatres, ban recording devices at conferences. I wonder if their employees will object.

Likewise, thank Dagg for the TV3 cameraman who caught NZ's answer to Rodney King. No way this would have ever turned up on Motorway Patrol. Whatever faith I had in the police went down the toilet in 2002 when I was home invaded by them. These days, I have more trust in my neighbours or my dealer. Hell, even my lawyer's got more respect. It's good that the public are finally clicking that a monopoly on violence breeds its own disgrace.

It also tickles my brain that sub-atomic particle theory is shown on this scale. Recording an event changes its outcome. "You had to be there" as anthropic principle.

(Originally posted 8/5/06)