Friday, January 11, 2013

We are all mutants

I don't have hemochromatosis. My father had me tested. Unfortunately, he did. Such is the dice roll of mutation. My Scanda-Belgian genetics has flared up in other ways; Viking Disease, for example.

But my worries are naught compared with what follows with the Young Ones. Wait until Playstation Claw or iFrequency Earing Loss gain momentum. All those First Person Shooter gamers might just be damaging their DNA as badly as the Instant Whitening of Hair Power that politics bestows on its players, splurging their fight or flight adrenaline supplies for the instant hit.

The same could be said for the stress levels of those caught between the electronic disruptions and the squeeze for higher productivity to feed the corporate grinder. There is a very good chance many of us are all getting older younger.

I'm no fancy big city geneticist, but I would advise a similar strategy to gene pool lineage as to financial investment. Keep as broad a portfolio as you can, because you never know what tomorrow will need.