Monday, January 21, 2013

Give Seven Sharp a Chance

I may live to regret it, but I'm trying real hard not to pre-loathe Seven Sharp too much. Sure, the promo is try-hard, contrived and ill-timed, but I'm glad this level of scrutiny wasn't applied to Back Benchers, Media 7/3, or the Court Report when they went through the usual birth pangs of a new format. It's either this or more bloody repeats or reality TV for the Free to Air set, so fair go or else, eh.

My curiosity is piqued with the prospective Espiner/Garner/Watkins bake-off on TV3, the Vote. I'm hoping that drug law reform will be one of the needful issues that the show addresses. If so, I'd be mortally offended if I wasn't invited along to bear witness in person (unsubtle hint).

And then there's the beloved Back Benches, with Sky/Prime holding the purse strings as well as the premier date close to its chest. I'll be there with bells on, guys.