Sunday, January 20, 2013

Children of Meh

Currently failing to give two rat fucks about:

Sports in general, but the Black Caps, Phoenix and Lance Armstrong in particular. I'd rather be listening to Kraftwerk. There's some overseas evidence that cable TV rip off their wider customers to cross-subsidise the sports junkies. I wouldn't be surprised if Sky TV does the same thing here; something Soho subscribers might care about more than I. The sky is my television.

Garth McVicar and his Sentencing Sensible Trust, or Garth McMullah and the Rational Sentencing Institute as they are known on this blog. How this loud boorish cow cockie gets into print, I don't know. They seem to print any old shit these days.

Speaking of old shit, Bob McCroskrie. Don't care. This McHuntly can foam and rage and try to get Go The Fuck to Sleep rated R by the Censor's Office:
The applicant, on behalf of Family First, states as part of their Notice of Submission, "We believe the publication should be age restricted under s3A of the FVPC Act as it contains highly offensive language likely to cause harm to young people and children."

Fat lot of good it'll do him and his zealots. Please fuck off.