Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not Yet Ready for Prime Time

Brain Rudman explains why I am not telegenic. I have Kim Hill disease:
Radio doyenne Kim Hill's short stretch as a TV current affairs interrogator is an awful lesson to them all. Her high quality of interviewing survived the switch of medium, but the gurning, and her inability to sit still, proved a distraction too much.

The days of Magnus Pike on Don't Ask Me are long gone. Television favours the Botoxed or otherwise inanimate, which probably explains why our political leaders come across as pieces of wood in the public forums these days.

But TV had better watch out, because they are a kakapo's pube away from a discrimination suit at the Human Rights Commission. NZSL is an official language now and Deaf don't like getting their hands cut off from a shot. It's as rude as a camera cutting the top of their subject's head off the frame.

Widen your perspective please. Don't discriminate on agility, mental or otherwise.