Monday, August 29, 2011

It's official; East Coast Yanks ARE pussies

The Torygraph's Toby sums it up:
There was almost palpable disappointment among the TV big guns rolled out for the occasion when Irene was downgraded to a mere 'tropical storm". In New York city, CNN's Anderson Cooper, more usually seen in a tight t-shirt in a famine or war zone, was clad in what one wag dubbed "disaster casual".

His face fell and he was briefly silent when a weatherwoman told him that the rain was not going to get any worse. "Wow, because this isn't so bad," he said. "It's an annoying rain but it isn't even a sideways rain."
How's Haiti going? Still a mess from the earthquake? We didn't hear much about them when Irene passed them by. She was a proper hurricane back then, not some jumped-up tropical storm that rattled David Letterman's mocha-latte.