Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Yet another sign that Labour continues to drink from the poisoned well of thought that is Helen Clark and Heather Simpson. I might go Dim this year and vote Greens for the first time. It might make up for voting National last time.

Should I bore you with past party political voluntary work? The scruntineering for Labour when I was 17? The Research Unit stuff for Act in 97/98, the door knocking on election day in 1999 to check to make sure the voters have voted? Helping with phone polling for the Nats at the 2005 election, phone polling for Labour a couple of years later from Fraser House?

Only a poor craftsman blames their tools, and that's what really bit home in Curran's post. Last month, I attended a street meeting held by Kris Faafoi in Pram. He had three supporters with him holding placards, not a mean feat as it was the day of the Waikanae tornado.

Faafoi turned up and launched into a well rehearsed three point bulletin on Labour's policies. He was on message and showed not a whit of personality in his monologue. Two of the three locals who came to hear him were cannabis law reformers. The only other feedback he received was from the guy who came out of his house to tell him to get off his lawn and stop making so much noise.

Neither Clark's muppets nor Goff's have learned a thing. It looks like it'll have to be the public ballot that teaches them that lesson.