Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waiting for Cain

MoJo reporter James Ridgeway finally manages to get a tour of Angola Prison in Louisiana, the largest male maximum security prison in the US of A. He's there to talk with the legendary prison warden Burl Cain:
Cain's first execution, he told the Baptist Press, was done strictly by the book. "There was a psshpssh from the machine, and then he was gone," Cain recalled. "I felt him go to hell as I held his hand. Then the thought came over me: I just killed that man. I said nothing to him about his soul. I didn't give him a chance to get right with God. What does God think of me? I decided that night I would never again put someone to death without telling him about his soul and about Jesus."
"Choose" Baptist Pentecostal Rehab and you're OK. Opt out, like the Angola Three, and you're in a sub-Abu Gharib world of inhuman treatment.