Monday, July 11, 2011

Police target the vulnerable in the War on Drugs

You mightn't know Billy, but you will.

In May, the Law Commission called for urgent research on medicinal cannabis and a moratorium on police arrests of medicinal users. Police have responded to this recommendation by arresting medicinal cannabis crusader Billy Mckee. This is him here, talking on why he uses cannabis for his ailments to the Health select committee:

Just before his arrest, you might have heard him on the radio last week, talking about the recent sentencing of medicinal cannabis user Peter Davy. You will also have a chance to catch him on TV3 this Wednesday on Inside NZ's High Time?

I can't say much about Billy's case right now, as it is seriously sub judice. The police have requested the trial be moved from Levin District Court to Palmerston North High Court, so the police are treating Billy's alleged crimes as seriously as a rape or murder. I'll be following this case intimately.