Monday, August 09, 2010

Today is Monday

# Interesting chart o' the day:

From the Welfare Working Group Report. Pity the Super figures aren't included. That would have made a more accurate picture of the welfare sandwich.

# Interesting prophesy of the day:
Worst of all, some analysts warn that the failure to rein in Wall Street makes another meltdown a near-certainty. "Oh, sure, within a decade," said Johnson, the MIT economist. "The question: Is it three years or seven years?"

Johnson was part of a panel sponsored by the nonpartisan Roosevelt Institute – including Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and bailout watchdog Elizabeth Warren – that concluded back in March that the reform bill wouldn't do anything to stop a "doomsday cycle."
From Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi.

# Cthonic Comment of the Day:
As I journeyed ever deeper into those underground passages, the strong the often-remarked scent of despair and madness that clings to Parliament became gradually stronger. I was on the point of turning back, overwhelmed by the stench, when I heard movement in front of me, and saw light.

From Scoop's Lyndon Hood.

# Creative Accounting Corner. It's a bit old but still a good read; how Harry Potter actually ended up as a $167 million loss for the studio: