Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smacked down

Stuff says Key won't support Act's smacking bill but TV3 sez Key "partially supports" it. Is it just me, or is TV3 slowly but surely losing its grip on truth?

My two cents, I agree with Key. I'm sick of the fracking smacking debate. I burnt my referendum ballot rather than answer that nebulous question. And it's so last season anyway. No harm done with the status quo. LITFA (leave it the fuck alone).

One of the reasons behind Key's grand compromise when Bradford's Bill passed last year was to stop the foaming Christian loonies taking over the limelight on the issue. If John Boscowen's interview on the private members bill that was just on NatRad's Checkpoint is anything to go by, we'll be watching One Flew Over the Morepork's Nest for a while yet. And frankly, there are more pressing issues to ponder.