Monday, August 10, 2009


I've delivered some POLs spam to letter boxes in my day. F'rintstance, early last year I did a drop for Act around the neighbourhood (this was before David Garrett rode into the House on his ass). Rules of POLS spam I've outlined earlier. It was with some annoyance I found a Goff taxpayer funded pamphlet in my Addressed Mail Only letterbox last weekend.

I've designed a few leaflets in my time. Usually I hoard other POLS spam that slip through the leash. Usually it's good reference material on design and structure. The Nats and Greens had the best literature out last election. That's stashed. But I've already chucked that useless piece of Goff spam, just like everyone else on today's NatRad Panel. It's that shit.

How shit is it? Firstly, it had no message. Phil Goff is alive. Phil Goff cares about stuff. He can ride a horse. Ummm. It also features a vox pop reply panel so you can post off to Goff what you think in a space fit only for a thumbprint. You might be able to write "the" on it with a sharp pencil. Definitely not enough room for a four letter word. That's probably intentional.

The taxpayer will pay NZ Post 45 cents for each wise missive Goff gets back from this stunt. The only message that Goff spam told me was that Labour have the strategic nous of stoned wallabies, chewing up liquidity and running around in ever decreasing circles. DPF's summary of a Listener story on Goff, citing done deals and the voodoo diplomacy of the H twins, is a sad corroboration of munted marsupial behaviour. They are nowhere near their bottom.

This pains me somewhat, being raised in a house with a picture of Michael Joseph Savage sitting like Godzone Secular Jesus on the wall. I fear Danyl at the Dim Post might beat his brains out on a brick wall of satire before anything gets through to Labour's strategy monkeys.

There is no sign anywhere in Labour that they have learned any lesson from the election. They refuse to disavow the legacy of Clark, dismissing the huge poll gap as the electorate not knowing what is good for it. Indeed, it seems as if she never left for New York. They continue to fight the old war of identity politics (eg Chris Carter's brain fart), instead of grasping at the very working class roots that are screaming for help right now.

Labour and Goff have their kamikaze destiny at 2011 and nothing's to be done about it. After his demise, the hard left will get a grip on Labour and rationalise their next twenty years in opposition. Ye gods. Carte blanche for the Nats.