Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cold-blooded murder

After days of official silence over the circumstances leading up to the death at the G20 protests, video showing a police riot squad goon pushing the now dead Ian Tomlinson appears. The Telegraph summarises:

The footage, captured by a New York fund manager and given to The Guardian, shows around 10 police officers, some of them with dogs, walkng down a street. One of them, wearing a riot helmet and high visibility jacket, approaches Mr Tomlinson from behind and appears to strike him on the back of the legs with a baton. The officer then lunges at him, pushing him from behind, sending him crashing facedown on to the pavement.

The officers then stand over Mr Tomlinson and do not attempt to help him as he sits on the ground. He appears to try to speak to them before he is helped up by passers-by.

In spite of plenty of police witnesses and Dagg knows how much official surveillance footage recorded, it takes a tourist to tell the truth. The Brit cops should really stop killing innocent bystanders and trying to cover it up.