Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4:20 News - 420 Day Special

April 20th is 420 Day, which was yesterday here but today over in the States. International time zones aside, here's how various media outlets are celebrating.

The Huff ('n Puff) Post details the origins of 420.

The New York Times reports the growing consensus among disparate political tribes on the legalisation of marijuana:

Long stigmatized as political poison, the marijuana movement has found new allies in prominent politicians, including Representatives Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts, and Ron Paul, Republican of Texas, who co-wrote a bill last year to decrease federal penalties for possession and to give medical users new protections.

The bill failed, but with the recession prompting bulging budget deficits, some legislators in California and Massachusetts have gone further, suggesting that the drug could be legalized and taxed, a concept that has intrigued even such ideologically opposed pundits as Glenn Beck of Fox News and Jack Cafferty of CNN.
Time features a poll on the legalisation issue. Results so far?

From The Insider:

And finally, a bit of research that confirms what I have long suspected; human brains make their own marijuana.