Thursday, March 05, 2009


If you like TED, you might be interested in this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:
A Celebration of Discovery from the Universe to Humanity
Origins Symposium
April 3-6, 2009

The Origins Symposium will inaugurate the new Origins Initiative at ASU. It will bring together 70 of the world’s leading scientists and scholars to explore key outstanding Origins issues and will be capped by a series of remarkable public activities.
The highlight is Monday April 6th:

On Monday April 6th an unprecedented public event to inaugurate the new Origins Initiative will be held April 6, 2009 at Gammage Auditorium, and broadcast live on the web. We will assemble in one place a group containing the most well known scientific public intellectuals in the world.

Speakers will include:

A Nobel Panel, including:

Also, a panel on Science and Culture featuring several famous filmmakers, authors, and scientists, a performance by the World Champion of Magic, and more..

Hat Tip Nine to Noon, featuring Kathryn Ryan talking with 'rock star' physicist Professor Lawrence Krauss.