Monday, March 23, 2009

Divided we stand

There's some seriously weird shit gender wars on the horizon. In the US, witness a world without men that has implications beyond DPB Mums. It's a long article but well worth it. Here's some snippets:
According to data compiled by Lucie Schmidt, an economist at Williams College, the birthrate for unmarried college-educated women has climbed 145 percent since 1980, compared with a 60 percent increase in the birthrate for non-college-educated unmarried women...

Increasingly, instead of giving their children a father, they give them a sibling. Schmidt’s data show that second births to unmarried college-educated women have risen even more rapidly than first births — nearly sevenfold since 1980...

“Sometimes we talk about men from before we had kids.” Susan grimaced. “You mean all the deadbeats?” she asked. No one picked up her cue, though, and later Fran assured me that when she talks with her daughters about her own marriage, she stresses the better moments. If her girls can’t see a good marriage or a romantic partnership in action every day, she wants them to be able to imagine one.
In the UK, more than a quarter primary schools, 4587 of them, don't have a single male teacher:
For many young men, the lack of male teachers at primary school means they do not have regular contact with an adult man until the age of 11, when they go to secondary school.
In the absence of real life male role models, can you guess where the kids are going to get their role models from? Those bastions of realistic expectations, movies and the telly. Congratulations paedophilia moral panic and uptight feminism. Germaine Greer would be spinning in her grave, if she were dead. I bet this is not what she intended.