Friday, November 07, 2008

Putting the poll in pollution

Only one more poll to go and it's the only one that counts. If only the MSM had spent as many column inches on the "battle of ideas" as they have on bloody polls, we'd all be a lot wiser. Alas, the polls are more important than the principles.

Just the other week, during Helen Clark and John Key's debate (for airtime) with John Campbell, was a great example of this. Just as either Key or Clark got in their stride, JC would interrupt to remind people to vote on TV3's poll on who was the better debater.

Outside the MSM, things have been a bit better. Alt TV has been one of the better sources of information, as opposed to the cootchy-koo spoon-fed pabulum from primetime. Rough as guts and no bloody polls. Good onya.