Friday, November 14, 2008

Help Me, Obi Wan Sainsbury

Ripped straight from John Drinnan's Media column:

A gay old night in Gore

Eating Media Lunch host Jeremy Wells has found Gore folk have long memories, a television industry source said.

Wells was in the Southland town for One News election coverage on Saturday night and found some locals had not forgotten his last visit 10 years ago when he and Mikey Havoc lampooned it as the gay capital of New Zealand.

I hear that after the election broadcast Wells and Hugh Sundae were accosted by a group of 20-something males at a Gore petrol station, taking offence to his last visit. "They followed them to their motel and harassed them and wanted a fight, said the source.

The police were called, said the source, adding that Wells had managed to appease the Gore locals but they had been hassled around 90 minutes, during much of which Wells had been trapped in his motel room.

"He even called Mark Sainsbury saying he needed help," the TV source said.