Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lion Inn

Former CEO of the Lion Foundation, David John Conroy, has been found guilty of false accounting for covering the losses of an Invercargill pub:
The charges were laid by the SFO and related to three journal entries made between 2002 and 2004 in the Lion Foundation accounts, which had the effect of writing off almost $520,000.00 from a debt balance owed by the Strathern Inn in Invercargill. 
In a Terry Serepsios style serendipity, Strathern Inn had recently featured on a cheap local Gordon "Hypnotoad" Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares knock-off show The Kitchen Job:
Strathern Inn manager Philip Hobbs said he got involved after watching an episode of the show earlier this year. "I said to my partner we need to go on that programme." And they did.
"The Strath has stagnated a bit ... Pretty much it's (being on the show's) a way of trying to get this place back up and running." Mr Hobbs said.
That was 2010, so the pub stagnated a bit after the fraud dried up, eh. You can support the Save the Strathern Inn Cause on Facebook here, and join the other 7 fans.

Anyone in the South Island NOT needing a bailout?