Monday, April 25, 2011

Black Paua

Atlantic. Caltex. Mobil. Shell. Bit by bit, the oil companies are deserting the NZ backwaters for easier ways to make a dollar. Lloyd Morrison's Infratil picked up Shell, the front for its Greenstone Energy group. It's good that someone else local apart from the Todd family is getting into the energy market. I'd rather be buggered by a local than BP.

News of a possible rebrand for their petrol stations is in the news. Expensive at it is to change the shop fronts and branding, I think it wise for Greenstone to drop the Shell brand. The IP cost of $10 million a year to maintain the Shell branding isn't the half of it. I don't know about the general population, but say Shell to me and I think Nigeria.

I see green and black in the future, maybe a paua shell logo as a compromise.