Thursday, May 13, 2010

A marriage made in Britain

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Up until quite recently, if a certain breed of comics geek had heard someone say Clegg, the mental image brought to mind was more reptilian than the UK's new Deputy PM. Kleggs first appeared in Judge Dredd as ferocious mercenaries brought in by the insane Chief Judge Caligula:
Their battle-cry was "Klegg-Hai! Klegg-Hai!" and, in The Day The Law Died, they also preceded this with a war-song: "slicey slicey, oncey twicey, claw and fang'll kill Dredd nicely! Meaty beaty, chop 'em neatly, death or glory no retreatee!".
It's a hell of a catch cry to have stuck in one's head, to then be introduced and underwhelmed with the actually presence of whatsisname Clegg. I would say he has the most forgettable face in UK politics, but then there's David Cameron. Or, as he is known by certain Dr Who geeks, CamAuton.

NZ has earned the right to feel smug about leading Britain in something for a change, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with sport. Much more important than that. Yes, damnit, we do have a better government because of MMP.

But there's an oft-forgotten and much more important point. Another reason to be smug, apart from the Cabinet Manual. As we continue into the 21st Century, the class system has nowhere near the same grip on the people in NZ than that of the UK. At least Key is new money, not the Porterhouse Blue bloods. We are uneven, sure, but not quite like that:

It's Clegg's choice, really. The puns are endless. Slicey slicey oncey twicey on public spending will not be enough to subdue the UK's public finances. It'll be Death and Taxes no retreatee! too. That, or as a commoner faggot to do Lord CamAuton's dirty work on the other. Whatsisname has a hell of a ride ahead of him. Nick.

UPDATE: D'oh. The Guardian already did it.