Saturday, May 01, 2010

We are all very worried about you

Today has been a good day to be pissed off with the government. Apart from it being May Day today, the anti-mining people have been marching, and I've just come back from J Day at Wellington's Frank Kitts Park, which culminated in a march on parliament after 4:20 led by Dakta Green. Southerlies and the occasional downpour didn't stop 300-400 stoic reform supporters from turning up to listen to DJs and various speakers including Michael Appleby, Dakta Green and NORML president Phil Saxby.

Verily, there are lot of people who were concerned about the Switched On Gardener raids. Many hundreds filled in the Law Commission submission forms on Controlling and Regulating Drugs, which will be delivered to them on Monday. Although yesterday was the deadline, a few days late won't matter. The Law Commission's good like that. A similar approach is being taken to their Privacy Act reform consultations too. There's so much that can fly under the public radar, eh.

While we were packing up from the gig, I did a sweep of the grounds to tidy up the park like a tidy Kiwi should. Among the detritus was a great example of what I was saying earlier last week about the improv skills of kiwis, and why National's new laws are futile. Note the two Pump bottles in the animated gif below, featuring feline physicist Professor Hunter Gonzales:

The animation's not working when you click the above image. Download the 1MB file here to view properly.

Burn a few holes in a small Pump bottle. Attach the nipple top of the smaller pump bottle has been adapted to fit a cone and voila! A Nebuliser! Those crafty Kiwis, eh. The law will never catch up with them.

I must admit I'm a bit stumped at Police Minister Judith Collins' war on drugs philosophy. I first met her when she was a fellow member of the Casino Control Authority along with my father. Collins recognises the need for regulated vices. What will it take to get her to see sense on the drug thing?

We are all very worried about National.