Friday, February 05, 2010

That's television

Following on from Charlie Brooker's How to Report the News a few days ago, I was listening to The Panel today when Simon Pound mentioned the whole Newswipe series was worth delving into. And he's not wrong. I'm hooked.

Ironically enough, there was bugger all chance of finding the vids at the official website. Meantime, here's Season One Episode One in three parts. The first looks at an idiot's view on the credit crunch, with special emphasis on quantitative easing. Part Two deconstructs the costs involved in putting together a TV show, using meta-humour at its finest. Part Three looks at some awful awful game show porn from the '80s, Star Quality. It's like torture by vaudevillians. The UK Apprentice gets a dressing down too.

Chur Mr Pound!