Monday, February 08, 2010

Screwing the pooch

It may be time for Radio New Zealand to gently push Matthew Hooten out the window of the Nine to Noon politics slot. Today's slot sounded more like Exceltium Hour, with Hooten's narrative dominating the discussion on Maori & Foreshore like he owned the plot. Andrew Campbell barely got boo in.

Laila Harre had the good grace to step aside when she felt her perspective was going to be compromised with a new job. Meantime Hooten has stayed on whilst feeding his dark materiel to forestry, Maori and whatever other paymasters he has on retainer.

Yeah, he may be onto something with a straight-forward repeal, but he's compromised all to hell as a politics commentator. He's donkey deep in this.

Or at the very least make it fair fight between spinners and be done with it.