Thursday, July 09, 2009

More Interesting Times

Too cold to think, here's some links:

#I don't get good reception down here in the crack of Northland, by I gather Rhys Darby's Rocked the Nation 2 is really choice. I'd link to this week's full length episode but all I can find so far are promos.

#Big ups to Ratesblog's Hickey-decimal Top 10 on Monday, pointing to CFR's sprawling and wonderful Crisis Guide to the Global Economy. If you do nothing else, have a play with the Motion Charts. After a little fiddle with them, as well as news of corporate espionage that could "manipulate markets in unfair ways,” all eyes should stay on Goldman Sachs.

#For some small time I've been wondering if they recalled Gray Davis, why in hell is no-one recalling the Governator? The New York Times looks at the contenders for next year's California Governor race, whilst Forbes points five fingers at who is to blame for the mess that the besets the land of stretch Humvees and bookless schools.

#Both the Huff and Dim Posts point to story involving an altercation between a hippie and Robert McNamara:

The most bizarre incident involving McNamara occurred when he was president of the World Bank and, off on his summer holiday, he caught the Martha's Vineyard ferry. It was a night crossing in bad weather. McNamara was in the salon, drink in hand, schmoozing with fellow passengers. On the deck outside a vineyard local, a hippie artist, glanced through the window and did a double-take. The artist was outraged to see McNamara, whom he viewed as a war criminal, so enjoying himself.

He immediately opened the door and told McNamara there was a radiophone call for him on the bridge. McNamara set down his drink and stepped outside. The artist immediately grabbed him, wrestled him to the railing and pushed him over the side. McNamara managed to get his fingers through the holes in the metal plate that ran from the top of the railing to the scuppers.

McNamara was screaming bloody murder; the artist was prying his fingers loose one at a time. Someone heard the racket and raced out and pulled the artist off.

By the time the ferry docked in the vineyard McNamara had decided against filing charges against the artist, and he was freed and walked away.

#The world can be roughly divided between two groups of people; those who have the vote and those who have AK47s. Wired takes a look at Russia's most democratic export.

#Tax avoiding rock group and Save the Planet flag wavers U2 have had their carbon footprint analysed. Conclusion? 65,000 tonnes of CO2 for this year's tour. To give you some comparison, that's about 40 Madonnas or a penance of planting over 20,000 trees.

#Werewolf 2 is out, with Gordon Campbell sitting down with the Goffinator and Lyndon Hood looks at the irony of satire. I can't afford $10 a month, otherwise I'd be tempted to swing a TransTasman subscription. If you can, and already have a TT sub, give Werewolf some support.

#One of the tragedies of living in an insular political environment is that we rarely see any decent political biographies. While US presidents, at least the ones who are literate, get book deals almost as soon as they leave the White House, over here in NZ few wish to spill their confidences when everyone is doing the same work with different hats. Aside from hagiographies and character assassinations, there's nothing. Where's Jim Bolger spilling his guts or Richard Long or Dick Griffin or Michael Cullen? Too much to lose, eh.

Thankfully, there's at least some outside record of these things. There's been a regular habit of academics reviewing each election. Bryce@liberation reviews the review of how the NZMSM covered last year's election. Hint to TV interviewers, Shut The Fuck Up occasionally.

#And finally, here's the trailer for Duncan Jones' debut feature length movie Moon:

MOON: Movie Trailer - For more of the funniest videos, click here