Sunday, July 19, 2009

Interesting links

# Places like Houston and San Antonio have weathered the recession better than most US cities. Will the exodus from California to Texas turn the home of W into Democrat blue? The Economist looks at the California Texas Divide.

# Sibling rivalry - If you found that Bruno didn't live up to the hype, have a flick through what cousin Simon Baron-Cohen does in the headspace department. I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine. While Politico looks at the legendary Rahm Emanuel, the Independent dissects his brother, Ari Gold.

# A Hat Tip to Andrew Sullivan for pointing to this excellent take on the passing of Walter Cronkite at Salon:
Cronkite's best moment was when he did exactly that which the modern journalist today insists they must not ever do -- directly contradict claims from government and military officials and suggest that such claims should not be believed. These days, our leading media outlets won't even use words that are disapproved of by the Government.
Update 2 points to a short clip with Cronkite passing on his biggest regret.

# El Niño Diablo - Hordes of Humboldt squid, aka Diablo Rojo, are on the warpath off the coast of San Diego, beating up divers and smashing up their equipment. It's an omen! Fib you not. Word's been out for a month that El Niño is back.

# Hemingway failed the KGB exam, although not through lack of trying.

# And finally, due to the recent law change that repeals the right to silence in IT situations, here's Wired's guide on how to protect your data from privacy rape (at least from nosey border gatekeepers).