Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Streamlined Stats

Well done to the Department of Statistics for the online census. It's good to hear they are giving more options, lowering the hurdles and other necessary evils associated with our five-yearly family snapshot. If it all goes good, this could be the start of a wonderful trendshift. Once you start lowering the barriers to democratic participation, who knows where it will end? Voting?

We're the first country in the OECD to have a go at an online census. This in itself is a milestone. NZ hasn't been first in anything good in the OECD for yonks. Finally, a leader not a follower! (The lowest unemployment stat doesn't count. It isn't real)

Bonus points for transparent advertising, asking ordinary people to explain what the census means to them. Juxtapose that with the artifice of actors pretending to be ordinary people, reciting adman lines such as "Wendy Petrie? She's hot." The why's guys vs the advertise guys. I know who I'd put more trust in.