Monday, February 20, 2006

Cult of Dagg

My twenty-something mates may look blankly at me at the mention of Fred Dagg, but Fred Dagg is in the panthenon of my household gods. Without him, there would be no Gumboot Day in Taihape. We wouldn't have that in-joke of "That'll be the door." We would have never known how lucky we were. Without him, NZ would have been left with the sole male role model of that fucking bastard Barry Crump.

Fred Dagg is one of many who will one day end up as a link somewhere in the Wall of goNZo. A big "we are not worthy" to RB for raising the Dagg Sea Scrolls to my attention. Tune in to TV One on March 6 at 9:35pm for a sniff of Dagg.

While RB hopes some more Dagg material gets released online, I'm going for broke. Fingers crossed that the doco makes its way online somehow, and I find out about it beforehand. It's on at a time that would clash with another god, Shihad. There's a students only gig at Vic Uni on March 6. The doors open at 8pm, with Autozamm opening. If I'm lucky, Shihad will start after 11pm, so I can have my Dagg and Toogood. Realistically, Shihad would probably start their set around 10pm. Bugger.

March 6 also happens to be my 36th birthday. I was born in yep, you guessed it, Year of the Dog. As you can see, this is a matter of some import. What should it be, people? The Shihad or the Dagg?