Thursday, February 02, 2006

Perfect Day

It's definitely been a day of sensory overload. Another typical day in Wellington.

I left my hole in the hill at the properly civilised time of high noon (Whoever invented the 9 - 5 work day was a sick pervert). A cruisy scenic walk down OK Road, eyes left at the harbour and the sedimentary horizon of water, hills, cloud and blue. Down the 147 steps to Garden Road, grabbing a handful of blackberries from the bushes for breakfast. Cut through the Botanic Gardens and a short stop to smell the roses. Turn right at Seddon's bones, walk over the motorway (keep passing the open windows) down into The Terrace.

Suits thick on the footpath in their clockwork feeding frenzy. A shroud of cigarette smoke keeps them at bay. Weave down Woodward and run into a parade. Oh yeah, the Sevens thing. A fine turnout of chicks going gaa-gaa for the teams. While their attention is distracted, I get a good chance to goo-google them. Niiiice. Wellington chicks have come a long way since an ambassador justifiably compared their dress sense with combat soldiers. Wellington chicks are hot, and not in that Stepford Wives way that Newmarket chicks have. These ones have character.

Over to Oriental Bay, sitting above the only beach I know where the pigeons outnumber the seagulls three to one. If I wasn't going to a lecture later, it would have been a good idea to bring the togs and towel. Ah well, there's always tomorrow.

Turn on the iPod and set the autopilot to Te Papa for the Treaty Lecture featuring Judge Joe Williams and Hon Geoff Palmer. In the museum, Geoff from Thorndon Bubble has to practically throw himself in front of me to get my attention. Wise move. Tag along with him and his mates into Soundings Theatre. It slowly fills to capacity, over 300 people. Good cross section too. They weren't all guilt-ridden white liberals and Maaori activists. Recognise a judge near the back, slumming it in jeans and t-shirt. Is that Dame Margaret Bazley? A large handful of Wellington luminaries are there. Although no actual politicians are evident, Geoff points out Chapman Tripper Stephen Franks on the far left, for a change.

A good couple of speeches (more on them tomorrow) and some complex questions followed. Judge Joe answered honestly and concisely, while the Honourable Geoff got frank with Stephen, humiliating him quite badly.

What a day.