Sunday, March 31, 2013

Odds and Sods

A random assortment of niggles and observations.

# Brickbat to Martyn Bradbury / Maritime Union's new Daily Blog. I am not going to click through to read every damn repost and Bomber polemic from the RSS feed. Your signal to noise ratio does not warrant a headline or summary feed in the way I accept from, say, Public Address. Put the full post in the RSS, you hit count-obsessed idiots.

# For some reason, the signal to noise ratio over at Tumeke has improved dramatically. It's crystal clear, matter of fact. No static at all.

# Google is throwing a Googly over the Swedish neologism ogooglebar, among other matters. Harden up, you tax-dodging excuse for a new paradigm. The Old Reader is still looking the better alternative for the soon-to-be-extinct Google Reader, if only they can get the bugs and lazy load settings sussed.

# Alain de Botton, you poor wet Brit. Please stop banging on about the need for athiests to have secular churches. We used to call them pubs, bars, nightclubs and cafes, before they were put out of business and turned into daycare centres. Adult spaces just need space and tolerance, and there's not a lot of that going around right now.

# How come parents can feed their babies opiates and I'm not allowed to smoke cannabis at the age of 43? Even parts of Yankland are freer right now than these small narrow islands (A shout out to Colorado, Washington and even California, with a higher medpot store density in L.A. and Denver, Colorado than Starbucks. If it wasn't for all the thick racist bible thumpers, it might almost be worth going there).