Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ghosts of Budgets Past

"The forecasts also show that this growth will raise real incomes of the average household by about $7,000 over the next four years, and create 170,000 jobs."

- Bill English, Budget Speech 2010, pg. 5.

"The Australian economy has created 676,600 new jobs while the New Zealand economy has lost 22,800 over the past four years."

- Brian Gaynor, NZ Herald 2013.

The abyss between Bill's fantasy and Brian's reality would be considerably worse if it wasn't for all those broken windows in Otautahi that need rebuilding.

Methinks Key's poll popularity is more Muldoon's bluff in the face of a weak opposition than enlightened governance. It's 1977 all over again, but without the novelties of punk and disco to offset the gloom this time around.