Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Nothing for Harry?

Tracy Watkins reports on John Key's trip to the UK, where our endorphin-rich PM tanked up UK counterpart David Cameron with the finest wines known to plutocracy. I'd have gone with a Kumeu River Merlot Cabernet and a Stoneleigh Riesling, a better match for duty-free cigars and barbecues.

Lizzie Windsor was handed cheese, whilst Wills and Kate were drooled over a bit by their loyal subject John Key, anticipating their visit to NZ later in the year. Kate and Wills were flattered to know that John Key will bail out Wanganui Collegiate indefinitely in the hope that their progeny will one day grace its halls, like the uncle Prince Eddie did in 1982.

Presumably none of NZ's Finest was in the diplomatic bag for Harry, which is a shame. I think he would have appreciated our epicurean product, which surpasses that Moroccan stuff he is fond of.